Monday, June 8, 2015

Top Reasons Why You Face Obstacles In Learning Web Ranking

When you approach search engine optimization (SEO) and web ranking as a beginner, you do so with one of two things in mind. You either want to promote your own website or you do so for someone else. When you begin to learn the techniques involved in SEO and the way to achieve high Google ranking, it can seem like an uphill struggle just to understand the basics. Never mind the various ways in which the search strategies and standards change.

Conflicting advice from companies providing SEO marketing services and gifted amateurs, who just want to share their advice can be extremely confusing. Finding the balance between exciting content and web ranking can be frustrating. Continually changing your strategies to keep up with evolving search algorithms could be mentally exhausting as well. 

You have decided that learning web ranking is the best way to go about promoting your (or someone else’s) website, but be prepared for the obstacles that are ahead. You will face them and these are the reasons:

1. Because There is Too Much Information

There are so many sources of information  and several approaches on how to go about achieving good web ranking and decent returns on search engine result pages (SERPs)  as advocated by ‘experts’ and amateurs alike.

In the beginning, admit it that you searched Google. How else are you most likely to find out about SEO and improved Google ranking? You select the first ‘organic’ result (because everyone knows that paying for an ad is cheating). You search for information on optimizing search results if anyone can tell you the best way that it must be the first entry on the SERP. Right?

However, you don’t want to take just the first opinion since the link might not be relevant to the website you’re promoting,  so you click the next one down to check what they say. Suddenly, you make it to the bottom of the first search page, ignore the marking companies, and you have hundreds of tips and techniques for learning web ranking. Some of them even contradict each other.

Stop now! You will go nowhere by adding more to the ever-growing list. It’s human nature to narrow down the possibility of failure with the maximum amount of knowledge. However, drowning in it will just keep you going around in circles and you will never begin concretely. 

2. Because You Are Serving Two Masters (or Mistresses)

This is an extremely tough balance to achieve, especially when you first start learning web ranking. You need to have excellent content, which is fresh, original and captivating but on the other side, you need to have a significant grasp on the structure of your website, and the content needs optimization to achieve the best possible position on the SERPs.

This balancing act can start to feel like running in ever-decreasing circles. You used SEO to get a great search result but the user didn’t enjoy the experience, so they don’t come back. Even if the same user searches for the same thing again, and you still get a good Google ranking, that user isn’t going to come back because of his poor experience the first time around.

If in doubt, there’s err on the side of quality for the user. Search engines will take your website to users around the world but they won’t talk to other software about how good it is. This is an issue now but as the search engines have changed and have become better at linking what people want with the correct websites, the disparity between what users want and what the ‘spiders’ and ‘crawlers’ use to influence web ranking decrease.

3. Because Search Engines Evolve

Depending on how much research you did in the beginning, some of the techniques you found might not be those most up to date. When search engines were first emerging and SEO was in its infancy, keywords were the only way to influence the web ranking. Back in those bad old days, you could stuff your webpages with as many keywords and key links as you liked, it didn’t make for a very good user experience but it got you on the first SERP.

Now, search engines are far more sophisticated and ‘black hat’ SEO tricks, such as ‘stuffing’, are not just ineffective in securing search returns, but have a negative impact on your Google rating.

Due to alterations in search engine algorithms, the use of keywords has changed. Instead of littering articles with the same words, to get the attention of the web-crawlers, the position of keywords has become more important than the density.

Is the information you’re learning about web ranking current? If not, you might be implementing out-dated, ineffective or even penalized methods, Ensuring you have the newest information and staying on top changes in search engine software is a mammoth barrier you have to face.

4. Because You Don’t Want To Be Stuck In “Holding”

There is nothing quite as disheartening as launching your new and sparkly website with all your new SEO tools implemented and finding nothing listed on the SERP for your website. If you are promoting a new website, you better prepare for some external linking to put your web address out into other areas of the internet. At the launch of a new website, there is nothing for the search engines to reference but the domain name of its start date. Until there is developed content and links extending to and from the new website, the search engines will leave it alone.

One situation that linking to social media is a real bonus is when you start linking a site directly to a Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter account, or any of the others. You have that external linkage and you establish an almost immediate web presence, which means you stay in ‘holding’ for a much shorter length of time. Google call it the ‘Sandbox’. It almost sounds sinister.

You will find these obstacles along the way when you are studying SEO and learning web ranking, but they aren’t insurmountable, even if they do seem that way when you first encounter them. By being aware of the obstacles you will face, you can approach them with the knowledge that you can work around (under or over) them with the right tactics and implementation.

Eve Haugen has been a freelance writer for a long while. Her passion in writing is her main drive in crafting articles that are engaging, informative, and meaningful. Her partnership with QuickSEOResult has given her a whole new opportunity to take writing to a whole new level.