Thursday, June 11, 2015

5 Mistakes which Bloggers make that Spoil a Blog’s Credibility

One of the easiest ways through which people of the same interests interact is through blogging. Blogs have become increasingly useful when it comes to sharing information and exchanging ideas with others. Blogs have also become popular in the business world, as more and more companies utilise the platform to market their goods and services.

Whether you are using your blog to advance your own personal interests, or you want to attract customers, the trick lies in grasping and maintaining the attention of your audience at all times. However, not all bloggers know how to do this. Here are five common mistakes you could be making, and which could be ruining the credibility of your blog.

1. Over-Concentrating on Yourself

While the blog you have created is geared towards branding you and your business, you should take care not to turn off your audience by solely focussing on yourself. The idea is to provide content that educates and informs your target audience. Instead of talking about yourself, or your company, talk about the products and services which will benefit the audience.

2. Hawking Products All The Time

What most bloggers do not realise is that readers usually come back to a blog which provides them with good quality content. Most of the time, they are not interested in buying goods or services. Instead of trying to sell your products on every blog post, use links that lead the reader to an online shop. Instead of directly promoting sales on your site, you can do it indirectly by giving them quality information first before selling.

3. Ignoring the Sales Part

A blog is usually created for a reason: to attract a target audience to the site. While using the sales pitch every now and then can be annoying to many readers, not marketing your blog can make it lose its credibility. Including a soft sell message is very important because it keeps your audience interested. The best way to include a sales message in your blog posts is by developing your brand and tying all your content to that specific brand.

4. Not Availing the Comments Section to Readers

Most bloggers, and companies, try to keep their reputation by turning off the comments section on their blogs. They believe that customers may post comments which portray their business in bad light. While this may look like a wise thing to do, the reality is that turning off your comments section will turn away readers. When readers comment on your posts, they have the opportunity to interact with the content you post. Any negative comments, though bad for your reputation, may give insight into some of the things you need to change to improve your business’s profitability. You can also respond to the negative comments and clarify the situation effectively.

5. Being too Wordy

When creating content for your blog, you should keep in mind that readers are human, and they can get bored easily. Instead of boring your audience with long-winded posts, keep your content short and precise. This way, you will keep your audience wanting more.

If you avoid these five mistakes, keeping your audience glued to your blog will be easier.