Friday, July 31, 2015

10 Off Page SEO Techniques To Get More Organic Traffic

SEO means search engine optimization that indicates a web process to lift the page ranking and increase site visibility in top search engines. Usually SEO is classified into two general types; off page and on page techniques. Off Page SEO can be more fruitful and beneficial for a website or blog. For the promotion of a site or blog it is compulsory to increase the organic or real traffic rather than fake and software generated visitors to a targeted website. In the following there are top 10 techniques associated with Off Page SEO that may play a vital role to drive rich and organic traffic to the sites or blogs quickly.

1- Social Network Marketing:
Social networks are the biggest platform where billions of users and visitors stay online 24/7. They actually do a number of activities to get amused, entertained and promote their business through digital and online marketing. You should prepare the best and informative posts relevant to interest of the people and share on your timeline and groups with site URL. This will drive more people to your targeted website and in this way you will get regular real traffic.
2- Blog Commenting:
Although this is a generic way to produce more visitors for a site or bog, but still it works well and up to requirements. However, today it is considered that blog commenting has been banned by Google and some other leading search engines. But, in fact this is a fake statement or consideration. Webmasters and marketers must do only theme based blog commenting and on high quality sites and forums.
3- Guest Posting:
You can write an article or post about the website or brand you are promoting and then publish it to some very high quality websites and blogs that are extremely visited by users a day. In this way; you will redirect the organic traffic from a host website to your own site or blog.
4- Blogging on Web Directories:
High quality web directories have greater value for the websites and blogs which are recently launched. Actually, when you share your blog or site to some top web directories, then you will get persistent traffic of the visitors from the best locations of the world depending upon quality of your posts and shared blogs.
5- Forum Posting:
This one is a very specific SEO tool which is being excessively used by the webmasters and professional marketers. Usually, the blogs or sites are shared to some top forums where excessive amount of users is available. It is a valuable way to produce organic traffic faster.
6- Use of Article Directories:
When you produce some high quality articles and blogs posts, then you should post this stuff on leading article directories. This is an excellent way to get real traffic for sites and blogs within less timeframe.
7- Video Marketing:
Several video networks including YouTube also offer webmasters to create their own channels to upload their personal and edited videos. This is another effective way to produce regular web traffic for a site.
8- Answer & Question:
On various websites and blogs you can post interesting questions and answers about various niches or topics of the world. The users always prove their knowledge and IQ level to answer such questions. You should share the web links and URL of your site with the questions that will attract more visitors.
9- Relevant and Theme Based SEO:
Point or targeted SEO with theme and relevancy based can generate maximum organic traffic for a site or blog within less duration.
10- Photo Sharing with Links:
Photo sharing with links of the sites or blogs on various top websites and social networks can produce real traffic. The SEO experts always do many types of activities on social media networks to generate organic traffic regularly for sites and blogs.