Friday, May 29, 2015

Five Effective SEO Strategies to Optimize Your Business Blog

Embracing the Potentials of SEO in Your Business Blog

You are an entrepreneur and you have the passion to write, then that could be a head start of a successful journey.

In this age of technology where everything is already available in the World Wide Web, you can be able put your business to a higher level through different strategies like making blogs. All you need to have is to keep your creative juices flowing and the desire to inspire people with your business.

So how do you make your business blog more appealing compared to the numerous ones available online and get readers to enjoy it? You should always consider search engine optimization or seo strategies to make your blog exciting for your readers and create traffic for your blog.

The following are five tips you can keep to help you in optimizing your business blog:

1. Uniqueness is the key.

First things first – be able to know what you can associate your business blog to related keywords that when a person types in Google or Yahoo, your blog will be appearing in the first page of search engine.

Research on what you are really trying to say to your readers with your company. If it’s about food, include posts that are related to it. Create relevant keywords that are catchy that can provide a good number of search flow such as, “Easy DIY Mouth Watering Desserts” or “Mothers Know Best in the Kitchen.” So how do know if you’ve chosen a competitive keyword? You can check it in Free Keyword Rank Checker and SERP Checker ( If your keyword is connected to several links, then you are good to go.

Since uniqueness is synonymous to originality, as much as possible use images and other media that are original. Use your point and shoot cameras and the available free software like GIMP, or you can avail the Adobe Photoshop.

2. Social climbing at its best.

Obviously, since you are blogging about your business, it’s a fact that you want people to know about it. What better way to do it than sharing it in various social media like Facebook, Twitter, and other web sites? But, remember that you also have to consider where your audience spends more time in specific social media. For example, if your business deals in photography, be visible in Tumblr and Flickr. Also, always consider the other platforms like Pinterest and Instagram.

Have you ever wondered how blogs reach to the readers in different parts of the world? Simple, they share it. They share a bad written blog and surely, they will even share a good and unique blog. The number of how many people gets to read and share your blog in their timelines and puts the link in their own blogs is a sign that you took your business blog to a higher level.

3. If you have it, flaunt it.

You have already started blogging and used keywords that are unique and have a good rank in SEO, you’re not yet through. Once you’ve started blogging about your business, make sure to feed your readers consistently. It’s like nurturing the seed that you have in the garden and making it bloom into a beautiful flower.

Always improve your blog site so that your readers will always look forward to your next post. Here are some points to consider in improving your blog site:
  • Link within the link. So your readers are already in your site, provide links that will connect them to other pages of your blog.
  • Invite a guest writer. Yes you know what your business and you blog about it, it will be helpful to have some influential people to give new helpful insights about your blog. 
  • Be visible. Join different industry forums that will boost your rank in the SEO. Create posts in related blog sites that will let the link to your site.
  • Do not overdo it. Do not clutter your photos, videos, and write-ups. Make sure everything is well connected to each other.
4. Be mobile-ready.

Every month, there’s a new mobile product released by different companies. It’s good opportunity for you to share your business blog also with the mobile community. Use blog sites that are mobile friendly so your readers can browse through it anytime and anywhere.
Here are some blog sites that are popular and at the same time available for free in smartphones:
  • WordPress - you can view your status, moderate comments create posts and upload images and videos straight from your phone.
  • Tumblr - you can share the different photos of your products real time
  • Flipboard - if your business is a magazine style, you can opt for this one 
You can read “How to Make Mobile-Friendly Website with Free SEO Guide” for additional tips.

5. Get ready to inspire.

So you’re all set in becoming a successful business blogger. If you forget why you’re doing it, remember, and continue to inspire people with what you are doing. You want people to know that you are one in a million when it comes to the business industry that you are in and you mean everything that you say.

Look at the different sides of using SEO strategies in making your way to become the top business blogger of the year. If you are having a hard time to express yourself, ask for someone’s help that can inspire you, too.

There are so many ways to increase the number of people reading your blog about your interest. Find helpful tips at “101 Simple Tips to Increase Website Traffic”.

May you find the following tips effective and useful to your business and share what you have read to people who are in the same situation. Be an entrepreneur who has the passion to write and wants a successful head start in his business blog journey.

Eve Haugen has been a freelance writer for a long while. Her passion in writing is her main drive in crafting articles that are engaging, informative, and meaningful. Her partnership with QuickSEOResult has given her a whole new opportunity to take writing to a whole new level.