Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Effective Link Building Strategy For Bloggers in 2015

Link building in 2015 is the most effective way to achieve higher ranks on the search engines. Yes Content is curial but that alone will not get your ranked and drive thousands of traffic to your websites and blogs nowadays.

Not like 6 months back, link building is getting harder and Google is cracking down on any manipulative link building tactics out there. Does that mean you can not rank now with and effective linking strategy? No there is good news for you and in this article I’m going to tell you one of the safest methods that works well for  our own own blogs and for local clients websites to safely move on the web.

Creating and Submitting Infographics

I bet you never though about t even though you knew that’s done by successful SEO’s and people like Brian Dean at Backlinko. This is little costly work to do and most of the SEO’s does not utilize this method as it takes time and investment.
After the Google Penguin 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 update we had to find the most safest ways forward when it comes to linking to money sites that could potentially not have any harm in the future updates. So we suggest all our clients to consider in investing on infographics this year as a long term llin building strategy. So if you are one of our clients and did not like when we said you this method is important, it’s time for you to have a thought.

Why Creating and submitting infographics is effective?

Because as Jeff Bullas says “It taps into the visual content marketing trend and Visual.ly is one of the leaders in this segment.”
However most bloggers and SEO’s try to be away from this method great SEO linking building method because creating a resourceful infographic costs them bucks.
Below there are several places you can easily create and submit by yourself:
  1. Visual.ly
  2. DailyInfoGraphic.com
  3. AmazingInfoGraphics.com
  4. Piktochart.com
  5. Coolinfographics.com
  6. Submitinfohraphics.com
  7. Infographicjournal.com
Also you can find a designer who is an world classes design and our director of Art and Designs to get you a nice once done.
Keep in mind when you are doing a infographic you must get a quality one done or else no other blogger would like to publish yours on their blog with a link back to your blog.
Also you should write a unique description with at least 300-400 words to take real advantage from these submission. When you give the full effort to get a link back that’s worth it and people wouldn’t let you down in mist cases.
You can find places to submit your infographic with the below search strings:
  • “submit infographic”
  • inurl: submit infographic
  • intitle: submit infographic
  • “infographic directory”